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Toni Boucher – 26th Senate District

Senator Boucher’s Website

State Senator Toni Boucher was first elected to represent the 26th Senatorial District in 2008, after having served as the State Representative from the 143rd Assembly District for 12 years. The 26th Senatorial District includes the communities of Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Wilton. Senator Boucher earned leadership roles in both the public and private sectors. Her election to the State Senate followed a distinguished career in the House of Representatives where she held caucus leadership positions and served on several legislative committees.

In the State Senate, Senator Boucher serves as a Chief Deputy Senate Republican Majority Leader. Senator Boucher is the Co-Chair on the General Assembly’s Education Committee, Co-Chair on the Transportation Committee, and Vice-Chair on the Banking Committee and Vice-Chair on the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee. She also serves as a member of the General Assembly’s Legislative Management Committee and the The School Construction Project Priority List Review Committee.

As a member of the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee, Senator Boucher is working to resolve the state’s existing fiscal problems and plan for the future in a bipartisan manner. She believes that Connecticut must recreate a positive tax environment where businesses can grow and families can prosper. Senator Boucher, who served on the Appropriations Committee as a State Representative, is now on the front line of efforts to balance the state’s growing budget deficit while holding the line on taxes, reducing government spending, saving businesses and growing jobs.

Senator Boucher calls on her extensive experience in the business world when working with her legislative colleagues on state government fiscal issues. Senator Boucher, who holds an MBA from UCONN Business School, is the founder and former owner of a small business and a former member of corporate management for two Fortune 50 firms. Senator Boucher also co-founded and served on the Board of Directors of a marketing design agency in San Diego, California, which specializes in clients working in biogenetic, aerospace and leading edge computer applications. She is honored to have been a recipient of the Southwest Area (CT) Commerce and Industry Association’s Community Leader Award.

Currently, Senator Boucher, who holds series 7, 63 and 31 licenses, is the director of the Common fund Institute, the educational and research arm of Common fund, a $25- billion nonprofit fund manager for 1,400 educational, nonprofit and health care institutions started by the Ford Foundation in 1971. In December 2008, she co-authored a publication on Ethics and the Nonprofit.

Senator Boucher also serves as Co-Chairman on the Transportation Committee at a time when the state and nation are reaffirming a commitment to mass transportation. As a member of the Transportation Committee, she worked to protect and improve the Danbury Branch line and helped lead the way on traffic relief initiatives for Southwestern Connecticut, especially with respect to rail service.


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More Than 6,000 Constituent Issues Resolved

Lowering Taxes, Streamlining Government

  • Architect of 2007 “No Tax Increase” state budget & 2008 “Alternative” budget
  • Fought to eliminate automobile tax, estate tax, tax on pensions for seniors & veterans
  • Reduced cost of state & local government by negotiating budgets & contracts worth up to $17 billion
  • Stopped new increases in gas tax at the pump

Improving Transportation

  • Stopped Super 7 highway extension in 1999, 2007, 2008
  • Saved the Danbury train line from budget axe in 1997
  • Chief architect of Danbury line upgrades: 100 parking spots, train station plumbing & $17 million in equipment
  • Key role in Metro-North’s purchase of new rail cars

Protecting Our Environment & Quality of Life

  • Preserved Kelda & Troutbrook open space, Orem’s Diner & historic sites in Wilton, helped save Norwalk’s Cranbury neighborhood
  • Increased funding for New Canaan Nature Center
  • Reformed managed care, increased home based-assisted living services for seniors

Strengthening Public Education

  • Improved quality of education: pre-school, literacy, bilingual, math, science, art & music, gifted programs
  • Increased funding for local school districts, community colleges & UConn
  • Protected teachers’ pensions
  • Introduced Connecticut 529 college savings plans

Advocacy for Businesses & Professionals

  • Reduced taxes & workers’ compensation expenses for small businesses
  • Obtained tax incentives for small & leading-edge businesses
  • Tort reform, reduced costs for doctors, hospitals
  • Streamlined professional licensing procedures for CPAs
  • Endorsed by Connecticut’s largest business association

Leadership & Experience

  • Experience as State Representative, 6 years as Assistant Minority Leader
  • State Board of Education, Chair of Policy & Long-Range Planning Committees
  • 10 years in Wilton’s local government: Board of Selectmen, Board of Education Chair
  • 20-year business career: executive at Fortune 500 companies, co-founder of small businesses
  • Director of non-profit institute
  • UConn MBA, Series 7 & 63 Securities licenses