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Comparing the Major Candidates' Tax Proposals

The “Tax Policy Center” has a comparison of the major candidate’s tax proposals here.

The proposals are complex, and some include business tax reform that may significantly alter your buying power.

One very interesting part is how the tax proposals will affect your paycheck.  Kasitch does not give enough details, but his plan will probably have a similar effect as Cruze’s and Trump’s.  The following table compares the plans.  The numbers are the percent change in your paycheck, Cruze and Trump increase your take-home pay (i.e. lower your taxes) and Clinton and Sanders decrease your take-home pay (i.e. raise your taxes) for almost all incomes.

Cruze  Kasitch  Trump  Clinton  Sanders
Ted Cruz's Distribution Lacks key details needed Donald Trump's Distribution Hillary Clinton's Distribution Bernie Sanders's Distribution


In 2014, the household income quintiles were:

Q1: below $21,432
Q2: $21,432 to $41,186
Q3: $41,186 to $68,212
Q4: $68,212 to $112,262
Q5: above $112,263
top 5%: above $206,598