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  • All registered Republicans are eligible to join the BRTC or attend meetings.
  • Members and alternates are elected at a bi-annual Republican Caucus.
  • The key purpose of our RTC is to expand our base of Republicans and win elections.


Your Republican Town Committee includes a wide cross-section of Bethel electors.  All have a desire, and ability, to help make our town a better place. Each person brings a wealth of lifetime experience and skills. Many members serve on Town Boards and Commissions.  You will, no doubt, recognize many names.

Executive Committee

Bryan Terzian
Frank Avallone
Vice Chairman
Tim Beeble
James L’hernault


Regular B.R.T.C. Members – 2018

  • Josh Adams
  • A. J. Bernard
  • Kevin L. Cleary
  • Bruce Cornwell
  • Linda C. Curtis
  • William Duff
  • Laura Ferguson
  • Joan Gereg-Bradley
  • Kitty Grant
  • Deno Gualtieri
  • Joyce Hess
  • Frank Hislop
  • Paul Improta
  • Stephen Ippolito
  • Robert Legnard
  • Fran Pulle
  • Patricia Rist
  • Patricia Sell
  • John Streaman
  • Paul Szatkowski (Selectman)
  • Autumn Waggoner

Alternate B.R.T.C. Members

  • Gerard Amand
  • Bobbi Jo Beers
  • Thomas Burke
  • Dan Carter
  • Steve Deuschle
  • William Foster
  • Rich Merritt
  • Daniel O’Grady
  • Kenneth Stevens