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Bios of 2017 Elected Republicen-Endorsed Officials


Re-elect Paul R. Szatkowski







Re-elect Lisa Bergh

Town Clerk:







Re-elect Melanie P. O’Brien

Board of Education:







Re-elect Nicholas F. Hoffman (I)

Board of Education:






Representative William Duff

Board Of Assessment Appeals:






Re-elect Patricia A. Rist

Planning And Zoning Commission:






Re-Elect Kitty A. Grant

Planning And Zoning Commission:  





Re-elect Steven B. Deuschle

Planning And Zoning Commission:






Re-elect Kenneth J. Stevens

Inland Wetlands Commission:







Re-Elect Peter J. Samardak

Inland Wetlands Commission:






Laura Anne Ferguson

Inland Wetlands Commission:







Re-elect John (Jay) R. Streaman

Zoning Board Of Appeals:






Bobbi Jo Beers

Zoning Board Of Appeals (2 years):







Re-elect Anthony J. Rubino

Police Commission:







Re-elect Richard H. Kolwicz

Police Commission:







Kevin L. Cleary

Police Commission:







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Latest News


Wonder Why Taxes Are So High?

Remember who votes on State Employee pay increases. “We are proud a large percentage — more than one-third —- of Connecticut’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention consists of our friends in organized labor,” said Leigh Appleby, a state party spokesman. “We recognize that they are a vital component of our party’s broad coalition and [...]


Release of Clinton’s Wall Street Speeches Could End Her Candidacy for President

The reason you and I will never see the transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street fat-cats — and the reason she’s established a nonsensical condition for their release, that being an agreement by members of another party, involved in a separate primary, to do the same — is that if she were ever [...]


What Clinton said in her paid speeches

Clinton, who received $225,000 for her appearance, praised the diversity of Goldman’s workforce and the prominent roles played by women at the blue-chip investment bank and the tech firms present at the event. She spent no time criticizing Goldman or Wall Street more broadly for its role in the 2008 financial crisis. “It was pretty [...]


After Puerto Rico’s collapse, is your city or state next?

For example, Connecticut, which ranks 50th out of the states for fiscal health, has run up $67 billion in debt, compared to Puerto Rico’s $118 billion, while both have populations of around 3.6 million. But personal income in Puerto Rico is less than one-third of Connecticut’s. If that seems reassuring, consider that the Nutmeg State’s debt figure [...]


Connecticut has lots of "jobs" that pay $21.33/hour. No experience required.

Since 2009, the Fair Labor Standards Act has dictated that the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Some people think that’s too low; others think it’s too high. But it turns out that, in 35 states, it’s a better deal not to work—and instead, to take advantage of federal welfare programs—than to take a [...]


Comparing the Major Candidates' Tax Proposals

The “Tax Policy Center” has a comparison of the major candidate’s tax proposals here. The proposals are complex, and some include business tax reform that may significantly alter your buying power. One very interesting part is how the tax proposals will affect your paycheck.  Kasitch does not give enough details, but his plan will probably [...]


How the University of California is Fighting Discrimination

The Washington Post reports on how the University of California is fighting discrimination by discouraging the use of these phrases: “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.” “America is the land of opportunity.” “Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.” The full article is here


Its the Economy.

Found this on ZeroHedge, shows how bad the past eight years have been.


Connecticut – Losing Jobs and Incomes

High-income taxpayers are leaving the state, and are being partially replaced by lower income immigrants.  But the state workforce is getting raises and is increasing. Between 2011 and 2013, about 95,000 taxpayers left the state. Their average AGI was $112,000, versus $101,000 for the remaining 1.4 million taxpayers. Only 78,000 taxpayers moved into the state, [...]


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