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Speaker: Don Pesci, proprietor of Connecticut Commentary: Red Notes from a Blue State

The RTC Slate for the Fall, Please listen to this message from Cynthia:

First Selectman: Cynthia J. McCorkindale
Selectman: Paul R. Szatkowski
Town Clerk: Lisa Bergh
Treasurer: John J. Kelly
Board of Education: Melanie P. O’Brien, William B. Foster, Frances S. Pulle, Nicholas F. Hoffman
Board of Finance: Timothy P. Draper, William R. Kingston, Bruce Cornwell, Alfred J. Bernard
Board of Finance (2 Years): William H. Slifkin
Board Of Assessment Appeals: James E. L’Hernault, William Duff
Planning And Zoning Commission: Patricia A. Rist, Kitty A. Grant, Steven B. Deuschle
Planning and Zoning Commission Alternate: James P. Hancock, Jr.
Inland Wetlands Commission: Kenneth J. Stevens, Peter J. Samardak, Laura Anne Ferguson
Zoning Board Of Appeals: John R. Streaman, Linda C. Curtis, Susan J. Catino
Zoning Board Of Appeals (2 years): Bobbi Jo Beers
Zoning Board Of Appeals Alternate: Stephen Ippolito
Police Commission: Anthony J. Rubino, Richard H. Kolwicz
Police Commission (2 Years): Kevin L. Cleary

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June 14th 2017:

Today’s shooting incident of a Republican Member of Congress is a blot on the American experiment.

As Chair of the BRTC, I’ve no doubt that all our members offer their prayers for the recovery of the victims, including Representative Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip.

In an interview you can reach via >>>  HERE

Providing this link on a Facebook Post, CT State Senator Joe Markey noted:

“The answer to an abuse of liberty isn’t to restrict liberty but rather to defend against that abuse. And that’s exactly what courageous Capitol Hill police did today. We’d like to think that we can enjoy freedom without consequence, that people will always exercise their liberties in a virtuous manner. When they inevitably don’t, we too often race to blame the liberty along with the person. That’s the wrong response.”

Some brief facts about the shooter, and I blame the shooter. Could have been another weapon besides a rifle…  this deranged piece of flesh (and I meant another word) was, thank the Lord, taken out by cops (good guys with firearms). As noted in the “Daily Mail”:


  • James Hodgkinson, 66, died in hospital after being shot by Capitol Police at the baseball field in Virginia 
  • He was a staunch Democrat who documented his hatred for President Trump on social media pages
  • Hodgkinson moved from his home in Illinois to Virginia two months ago and had been living out of his car
  • He has a long criminal history which includes an assault charge for punching his female neighbor as she tried to protect his daughter from him in 2006


Today is FLAG day, It’s also the birthday of the US ARMY (THANK YOU VETERANS),  and the President’s birthday as well.

To be clear, Republicans will not stand down, will defend themselves as needed, and clearly will not accede to intimidation.

That being said, all need to TONE DOWN.

Violence to effect political change is simply UN-AMERICAN. And the terrorists who act on their sick instincts need to be apprehended, jailed and put through the legal system regardless if they wear black “anti-fa” masks, ISIS flags, che tee-shirts,  whatever.

This is AMERICA (United States of), and we do not accept violence as an answer, left right or sideways!

Bill Hillman

BRTC Chairman



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